Bringing together and sharing the expertise of maritime pilots, to ensure that Canada benefits from the most professional pilotage service possible.

The National Centre of Expertise on Maritime Pilotage is the technical body of the Canadian Marine Pilots’ Association, bringing together the extensive technical expertise and professional know-how of Canada’s licensed pilots, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island.

In addition, the Centre also coordinates the Association’s work on key aspects of the piloting profession including matters related to professional accreditation such as the initial training of candidates and the continuous professional development of pilots, as well as their professional conduct.

Through the International Maritime Pilots’ Association, of which the Canadian Marine Pilots’ Association is an important member, the Centre has input into decisions of the International Maritime Organization affecting maritime pilotage. The Centre also maintains close working relationships with the technical bodies of other national pilot associations, including with the technical committee of the American Pilots’ Association as it is especially important that Canadian and American pilots maintain binational coordination on pilotage procedures and technology considering they often operate in the same, or in contiguous, waters and share the same vessel traffic.

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